Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A busy but Merry Christmas!

Rushing to see what Santa brought....

Enjoying Santa's gifts!

Our Little Ballerinas!

Brynlie and Livy were in a Winter Recital on the 18th, both girls danced and looked so pretty!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Season, new job!

Can I say it hardly seems possible that Christmastime is almost here! Wasn't it just Halloween? We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hosted this year, my mom and Bill, and step-brother Brad came. My sister, her friend DJ, and all of their kids came too. We had a late dinner, but ate lots of turkey, and ended the night at Grandpa Perkins house for a movie theater version of Polar Express. After a busy weekend of taking Thanksgiving decorations down,and pulling our Christmas decorations out again, I was anxious for Monday to come, for the kids to go back to school,and for our lives to be back to normal. Brad started a new job on Monday at the INL, (Idaho Nuclear Laboratory), we are excited for the many opportunities that await him! He works Monday through Thursday, and gets every other Friday off. This job and the flexibility will be such a blessing to us. Grandpa Jon starts chemo and radiation on Monday, and he will need help from the kids getting to and from appointments, and help with meals and around the house. With Brad's new job he will be able to help his dad, and spend some qualtiy time with him. We are praying that Heavenly Father will keep him with us as long as possible. I have faith that we will have longer with him than doctors have said. Please keep him in your prayers. Also, I will be sending Christmas cards out next week, so PLEASE e-mail me your address(onala@cableone.net)!