Sunday, November 1, 2009

Storybook Halloween 2009

This year our little ones dressed up as storybook characters. It all started with Livy learning her nursery rhymes "Little Bo Peep" seemed so appropriate and Paisley her little lost sheep. Brynlie was a darling "Little Red Riding Hood", and of course, every nursery rhyme and storybook character needs a "Big Bad Wolf" to stir things up a little. Livy and Brynlie won the costume contest at our local "Boo at the Zoo", I guess staying up ALL night Thursday night was worth the outcome. Our "l.ittle lamb" Paisley posed so sweet for the camera, didn't she?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Silly Monkies at Hogle Zoo!!

We made a quick trip over Memorial Day weekend, to Hogle Zoo. Our kids, as always, acted like a bunch of monkeys. Now did we go to the zoo to see them, or were the animals watching us, you tell me?

Daddy's Girl!

Can I say more, although Paisley loves her "momma time", she has Brad wrapped around her little finger. Whenever Brad is around, she tries to get his attention, and flashes him her heart-melting grin!

Princess in Red!

Here is Jaidyn and Jake getting ready to leave for Prom/Commencement 2009! We had so much fun picking out her dress. Although I about had a heart attack at the price tag, when she put it on I couldn't say no, she looked gorgeous!

I am TOO young to have a 17 year old!

WOW, my "1st baby" Jaidyn just celebrated her 17th birthday, and it seems like yesterday that she made me a "mommy". It's crazy to think that I was her age when I was dating Brad, and she is almost my age when I had her! Jaidyn Brianne born, May 20th, 1992, all 8 lbs. on the dot, and 22". She was my longest baby, and gave her Grandpa Crook 2 birthday presents by making him a Grandpa, but also being born on his birthday too! We are so proud of the sweet spirit she is, and her creative outlets and talents she has brought to our home. She is adored by her sisters and brothers, and she may not believe this, her mom and dad too! All that she wanted for her birthday was for Brad to BBQ, so we celebrated by feasting on Brad's delicious ribs. Oh, and on a scary note, she just got her driver's license, so fasten your seatbelts Idaho Falls! Here are a few pictures from her birthday, celebrating with our family, her "friend-boy" Jake, and her and Grandpa Crook wishing each other Happy Birthday on the phone!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Being a mother of 7 children is the joy of my life! Although at times I wonder what my life would be like if I hadn't chosen motherhood, I am quickly reminded of my 7 sweet blessings Heavenly Father has given me, and trusted me with. My sweet son Jayce had to talk in sacrament today, and broughts tears to my eyes standing at the podium proclaiming his love and thankfulness for me. Each year when Mother's Day rolls around, I contemplate how thankful I am for my own mother, and the example she set for me, and sadly how I swore I would NEVER do things like she did, I am seeing myself turning more and more into her. (I love you Momma)! I need to mention my other "Mom", Linda, my Mother-in-Law, and how much I admire her unconditional love and service she gave her kids growing up. Because of her "mothering" to my husband Brad, she molded him into the loving and wonderful husband he is today!

Spring Sports & Dance

Daxton and Ryker are playing baseball and soccer this Spring. So running kids back and forth between soccer, baseball, and dance practices, soccer, baseball, and dance games and recitals, has taken up a great deal of my time the past few weeks. I must admit I complain and dread 3:30 when the kids are home because my big grey van turns into "Mom's Taxi Service", I love seeing the joy on each of their faces each time they hit a ball, score a goal, and point their toes!

Paisley's 1st Easter

A few moments from Paisley's first Easter. She was posing so pretty for the camera, and I managed to get some sweet baby smiles from here. Here's a few shots of the kids before church, hunting for Easter eggs, and discovering what the big bunny brought them. (Tons of Peeps, a favorite at our house!)


Jaidyn was part of an awesome runway show a local beauty school in town put on for a fund-raiser. She was a model for one of the students, and part of the act in Les Miserables. Her and the other model walked the runway while stomping to "Glamorous". She got a little taste of what beauty school might be like (she is thinking of going during her Senior year). I can honestly say, she was the prettiest model that night!

Student of Character

Our sweet son Jayce was nominated again by a different teacher and won an award for "Student of Character". Skyline High School gives out these awards for students who show extraordinary effort and who have integrity, honest, trustworthy, and an example to other students at the school. We are so proud of you Mr. Jayce!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (A few months later)

Ok, so today is May 30th, and I haven't blogged in quite some time, but I'll start back to where I last left off in March. Here are a few pictures of our "wearin-of-the-green day". Paisley on her first St. Patrick's Day, my girls, and Ryker enjoying "green eggs & ham" for breakfast.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Paisley's Blessing Day

Our sweet baby girl received her name and her blessing yesterday. Brad gave her the most wonderful blessing. Paisley is wearing the same dress I was blessed in, as well as her 3 older sisters. We had both of her grandpa's, her uncle Tyson and some close friends in the circle. She was so serene, and almost acted like she knew it was her special day. I am so thankful she is part of our family, I know know we needed this little spirit to complete our family!

Daxton is officially a "teenager"!

WOW, it just seems like yesterday our little "beeber" was starting kindergarten, and he turned 13 on February 23rd. We are so proud of what a smart, sweet, good-looking, athletic and silly boy, I mean, young man, he is. He always says the funniest things, and I wish school was as easy to all kids as it is to him. We are so proud of you Daxton, and love you soooo much!

Our little baller Ryker

Ryker just finished his first season of "hoops". Brad and I (especially Brad), are so thrilled at his athletic abilities. (Ok, I am slightly gloating here). He and his little buddy Eli (on his left), dominated the court, and between the two of them made almost every assist and basket! He had such a great time playing this year, and will start soccer next month.