Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am TOO young to have a 17 year old!

WOW, my "1st baby" Jaidyn just celebrated her 17th birthday, and it seems like yesterday that she made me a "mommy". It's crazy to think that I was her age when I was dating Brad, and she is almost my age when I had her! Jaidyn Brianne born, May 20th, 1992, all 8 lbs. on the dot, and 22". She was my longest baby, and gave her Grandpa Crook 2 birthday presents by making him a Grandpa, but also being born on his birthday too! We are so proud of the sweet spirit she is, and her creative outlets and talents she has brought to our home. She is adored by her sisters and brothers, and she may not believe this, her mom and dad too! All that she wanted for her birthday was for Brad to BBQ, so we celebrated by feasting on Brad's delicious ribs. Oh, and on a scary note, she just got her driver's license, so fasten your seatbelts Idaho Falls! Here are a few pictures from her birthday, celebrating with our family, her "friend-boy" Jake, and her and Grandpa Crook wishing each other Happy Birthday on the phone!

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